Return to Play Protocols

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Ephrata Youth Soccer Club COVID-19 Safety Plan

This Plan covers all Ephrata Youth Soccer Club participants, including but not limited to; spectators, players, coaches, referees, managers and Board Members, with regards to all programs, including but not limited to; Soccer Tots, Intramural Program, Recreational Program, Travel Program.

In developing this plan, Ephrata Youth Soccer Club has and will continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (“EPYSA”) recommended guidelines to help protect players, coaches, officials and spectators from the spread of COVID-19. We are and will continue to require all Ephrata Youth Soccer Club affiliated participants and spectators to comply with EPYSA and the CDC’s updated guidelines, along with applicable government requirements and executive orders. Additionally, Ephrata Youth Soccer Club will honor rules set forth by our local governing leagues, Central Penn Youth Soccer League “CPYSL” and Lancaster Area Recreational Soccer “LARS”.

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly through close contact from person-to-person. Some people without symptoms may be able to spread the virus. We are still learning about how the virus spreads and the severity of illness it causes. For more information please see the CDC website:

According to the CDC, here are steps you can take to protect yourself & others:

  • Know how it spreads
  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid close contact
  • Cover your mouth & nose with a mask when around others
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Monitor your health daily

For more information, please see the CDC website:

In the event that a report of potential or actual infection is needed, it is critical that any participants; spectators, players, coaches, referees, managers and Board Members promptly notify their respective program Coordinator, if any of the following are true:

  • Player or Coach has been tested & confirmed with COVID-19 infection.
  • Player or Coach is symptomatic and recommended to isolate (by healthcare provider or public health official).
  • Player or Coach has had significant exposure to person or persons confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.
  • Player or Coach has recently traveled to or through any other country.
  • Player or Coach lives in the same household with a person or persons who have been ordered to quarantine by a healthcare provider.
  • If a Player or Coach feels ill
  • If a Player or Coach records a temperature of 100.4°F or greater
  • Outside of season
    • If a player/coach has contact with a COVID-19 positive person within the first two weeks before practice starts, they must quarantine until two weeks have elapsed. Return to the team will be up to the club’s discretion.
    • If a player/coach falls ill within a week of the season ending, parents should contact the club COVID-19 contact.

In the event of a reported infection or discovery of an infection, Ephrata Youth Soccer Club must ensure the following occurs:

  • A temporary suspension of general soccer activity associated with the team where exposure or positive results occurred.
  • Conduct deep cleaning of equipment associated with the team in question.
  • Player and Coaches who are ill with a fever or acute respiratory symptoms do not return to the field of play until complete recovery, as certified by a medical professional affirming their clearance to participate.

Ephrata Youth Soccer Club will notify all individuals, to the best of our ability, who hadcontact or were potentially exposed to the individual who tested positive with COVID-19. This includes spectators, players, coaches, and referees from Ephrata Youth Soccer Club teams, as well as opposing teams. Individual privacy WILL be maintained! To maintain confidentiality, a new email address: will be established to track reports of infection as well as other related emails so Club representatives can notify participants, NOT coaches.

Parent COVID-19 Plan Responsibilities:

  • Refrain from carpooling unless necessary
  • Only parents/guardians may inform the coach/Club of an illness or exposure, as reporting should be done via email at
  • If a player has contact with a Covid-19 positive person within the first two weeks before practice starts, they must quarantine until two weeks have elapsed. Return to the team will be up to the club’s discretion.
  • If a player falls ill within a week of the season ending, parents should notify the Club at
  • If a player’s family member should test positive for COVID-19, the club contact should be informed immediately and the player should be quarantined for 14 days at a minimum. The player will need to be cleared by a medical professional to returnPlayers are to have their temperatures checked by parent/guardian 30 minutes prior to play.
  • Players are to have their temperatures checked by parent/guardian 30 minutes prior to all Club events, and if a player has a temperature above 100.4, parents need to inform the coach immediately that the player will be absent; the player should also notify the Club at If the team has had contact with the sick player, the team must suspend activity until more information is provided by the Club.
  • Spectators are NOT permitted at practices, but may stay at the practice in their vehicle, or away from the practice area wearing a mask & practicing social distancing from other people.
  • Players are only allowed to go onto the field once the coach arrives on the field to make sure players follow protocol; please keep your player with you, at drop off, and please depart as quickly as possible following events. This will allow for turnover of the field when applicable.
  • Players are to be dropped off/picked up at the parking lot wearing a mask.
  • Players may bring their own soccer ball to practice and will be encouraged to use this for individual drills when properly sanitized Ephrata Youth Soccer Club equipment will be used for team drills.
  • Hydration is critical in soccer; thus each player must bring their own water bottle, labeled with their name, to practice and matches. No team water refill will be permitted and there will be no sharing of water bottles between players.
  • Additionally, every player must bring 2 masks & hand saltier to practices & matches.
  • Snacks should not be sent to practice or matches and there will be no team snacks this season.

Spectators COVID-19 Plan Responsibilities:

  • All spectators are to be wearing a mask when they exit their cars and must keep the mask on until they reenter their cars. Face shields are acceptable if heat should be an issue.
  • Spectators are not permitted to assist coaches, be in the bench area, or go out onto the field at any time, including if a player is injured.
  • There is a new seating arrangement for the Fall Season. Home club will be on one side of the field with their spectators. The other side of the field will be for the away team with their spectators. The halfway mark will divide the team from the spectators.
  • Teams will be stationed close to the goal area to allow for sufficient space away from spectators at the halfway mark. It is strongly requested spectators do not engage the coach or the players. Spectators are urged to resist temptation to “help the coach” coach because you will be on the same side of the field
  • To allow for appropriate spacing between families, the league is limiting 2 spectators per player to be allowed to sit at the sideline. Spectators are to sit 6’apart from next family and back 4’ from the sideline. Additional spectators are to sit in the next row 6′ back. It is recommended you sit staggered to allow for optimal viewing.
  • Extended family members of players may come to the games. Share these Spectator Protocols so there is not confusion on game day and coaches can focus on the kids.
  • If for health reasons a spectator cannot safely wear a mask, they are not permitted at the sideline. They must sit in a row behind all other rows sufficiently distanced from other spectators for their safety.
  • Spectators are not to touch any ball that goes out of bounds, let a player or coach retrieve it.
  • Spectators must expediently leave the field directly after the game concludes to minimize cross traffic with the next game.
  • Parents are asked to not engage another parent about following protocols. If a protocols is not being adhered to, rather than creating a distraction, it is recommended you move to a safe distance from them and report your concerns to the Club at

Ephrata Youth Soccer Club believes this plan meets the requirements for a safe return to play for the players and families. This Plan has been drafted with consideration of the four (4) stages of return to play which is detailed on the EPYSA website:

Allowing a player to participate in youth soccer during this time is at the sole discretion of the parent/guardian, and the parent/guardian is both understanding and assuming the potential risk involved with returning and participating in youth sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The parent/guardian has the discretion and right to keep their player from soccer activities as they see fit.

It is also the responsibility of the parents/guardians to help protect others and keep their player(s) home and reporting to the club if they believe they are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick. By following these guidelines and accepting responsibility where it is needed, we as a soccer community believe we are able to provide a safe environment for our players to safely return to play.